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I went to bed at midnight.  I got up briefly at 4-something, but quickly went back to bed.  I got up for the day at 8:00 a.m.

I met the young woman who may become R. and B.'s home health aide on my days off.  She had experience, and said she didn't scare easy.  I was giving her a somewhat cranky version of life with R. and B. as I went along.  B. told me not to scare her off.  We agreed that she would work Tuesday and Thursday this week.  I told B. that it seemed frivolous to take a day off just because I was tired and cranky, but he told me I should take my days off, and that he would see me Wednesday.  I hope it works out with the woman.  I'll call her HHA-B., for home health aide B.

I made it to the local office of the home health aide agency to pick up gloves and turn in paperwork.  
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