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I went to bed around midnight.  I got up briefly at 7-something, but went back to bed.  I got up for the day at 9:00 a.m.  I think I'd taken my bedtime melatonin twice, and it was hard to get up.

Work went okay.  I did laundry, so naturally it turned into a getting nowhere fast day.  A new physical therapist showed up for B., to get B. to exercise and get up and walking.  I asked B. later if he thought the guy had been a friend of Dorothy.  B. had not heard the expression.  "A gay man," I explained.

"Gay as a three-dollar bill," B. said.

"I don't like to presume," I said, trying to be polite about it.  Me not presuming would be news to many people.

'We have our ways of knowing each other," B. said.  I'd known that, of course.  He asked me if I knew ways to tell if someone was a lesbian.  I said only if they were quite butch would I get that idea.

When R. came home, I had him give Miss Daisy some attention so she wouldn't feel neglected while I mopped the floor.  She was very happy to cuddle with R.  Miss Daisy is rather hefty for a dog who is mostly a miniature poodle.  She's probably a good thirty pounds, but she definitely thinks of herself as a lapdog.  After I was done mopping, R. had me put her back in her area.  

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