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I think I conked out at 10:30 p.m. or so.  I woke up around 8:00 a.m., I think.

I got to work on time, and things were okay.  B. was cranky, though not that much towards me, but I got him relatively settled.  Z., the home health aide agency nurse, visited.

Mom and I were going to head to Trader Joe's right after I got off work, but didn't end up going right away.  I started a dark load of laundry with several pairs of scrub pants and a couple of things of Dad's, and made a few calls.  Traffic was getting busy by the time we headed towards Delaware.  We brought cooler bags with ice in them with us to put cold items in.  We did pretty well with our shopping there.  Ironically enough, I didn't have my canvas Trader Joe's bags in my car.  I had used them for other stores, and they were by the front door.

We stopped at the Goodwill on the Pennsylvania side of the Pennsylvania/Delaware border.  I didn't have any luck with finding scrub pants that fit and that were at least partially cotton.  Mom found a couple of nice pairs of lightweight pants.  I found some nice tops I could wear to work.

We made one more stop, at an ice cream place, then headed home.  I'm tired now, but it was a productive trip.

Later: I did another load of laundry and read some of Picturing Disability.  But mostly I rested.

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