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Bloggers and authors are discussing author pen names -- well, the bloggers I follow, anyway.  I said my bit here and there, but will happily expand on it here at home.  If an author I really like is using multiple pen names, especially in the same or similar genres, I'd like to know them, so I can collect all their stuff.  J.L. Langley rather offhandedly mentioned also writing as Jeigh Lynn in a post, and I immediately went and got her Jeigh Lynn books.  It didn't really matter to me that one name was for gay romance and one name was for straight and m/m/f menage romance.

Ramble/Rant: I know some bloggers complain about "girl cooties" in their books.  I think that's fucking ridiculous.  If it's not your thing, don't read it, but having women complain about female characters being in a book just strikes me totally the wrong way.  If it's advertised in the blurb or the content warnings, and you read it anyway, why bitch about it?  There have been a few books I've read where there's been a perfectly good male couple romance, and then suddenly a woman gets thrown into the mix, which I feel is totally unnecessary.  If I know it's a menage, and it's set up so all the characters really want each other, with a good balance, I'm good with that.  I still read straight romances, too, and I've read some lesbian romances, which is another reason the "girl cooties" complaints get to me.  Women who are all about the m/m romance, but horrified if they read f/f romance, because, eww, they were exposed to lesbian sex, seem so hypocritical to me.  Again, it's fine if it's not your thing, but when you say you're proud to read gay romance, but that you're revolted by the idea of lesbian romance, it feels pretty homophobic to me.

Jayne Ann Krenz/Jayne Castle/Stephanie James/Amanda Quick/and other names is another author whose work I want to read whether she's writing contemporary paranormal, futuristic, or historical novels.  Some of her books have one name followed by "writing as this pen name," which helps.  I know another really well-known m/m author who was trying out a pen name for writing m/m/f menage.  I'm glad I knew that one, because I wanted to read all the books.

Certain publishers seem to have authors using multiple pen names for writing in the same genre.  If you're with one particular publisher, writing one particular genre, it seems you would be diluting your popularity that way.

Not that I'm an author, but I ended up having three names.  There's my first name, which I use when I post on blogs.  There's my e-mail address, which is a totally different name, and there's my LiveJournal name.  This all started when I was playing Vampire roleplaying games, and started a Yahoo e-mail account so I had an e-mail for the roleplaying groups which wasn't a work e-mail.  You could have multiple names and multiple profiles to go with the names, which worked well for me, because I was playing two or three characters a week, sometimes four, in different games.

I made the e-mail account with the name of a character, Amy, who I ended up playing less than other characters, but the other roleplaying game people got to know me under that e-mail address.  It seemed perfectly logical to them.  It's weird for people who don't understand about roleplaying games, and/or know that it isn't a pen name.  Quite a while after that, I thought about making an e-mail account that resembled something like my real name, but I'd forgotten how.  It doesn't matter when I use it for ordering e-books.

The Neyronrose is from another character I played on and off, but mostly on, for three years.  I really got used to answering to "Rose."  It's super-easy for me to remember.  So my multiple names are based on the names of roses, and are the names of characters I played for quite some time.  I don't feel any need to consolidate.  I have my first name to use, and my only other really public name is this one.  I can't get YouTube to take my comments, so the hell with that.  If I want people to find me, I let them know how to find me.
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