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Yesterday: Garden notes: White lily-of-the-valley starting to bloom.  Sweet shrub starting to bloom.  No flower buds on lilacs, though others in the area are blooming.  I'll have to get to Tyler Arboretum to see the ones there.  I think they take a lot longer to bloom if you don't prune them.  That's what I'll tell myself is going on, anyway.  Azaleas out front blooming.  They're a dark pink, close to fuchsia.  I should get to Longwood Gardens to see the azaleas and rhododendrons there.  They're planted all along the higher paths of the Hillside Garden.

I've really narrowed down my location with my descriptions of day trips.  I can get to Philadelphia or Kennett Square in Pennsylvania and back within a day.  The same goes for Wilmington, Delaware.  From here, you can get to Baltimore, Maryland in a couple of hours, and likewise for the Jersey Shore.  New York City and Washington, D.C. are three-hour drives.  Admittedly, it doesn't take long to go across New Jersey or Delaware.  Someone who cared could do some kind of radius thing to figure it out, but there's still a fair amount of population in the general area, and rather a lot of universities in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Speaking of locating me, today I got to the driver's license center that's kind of at the tail end of the Main Line and had my photo taken for my license renewal.  I came out totally moon-faced in the picture.  I was prepared for the wait, though, with my iPod and the book Dr. Fell: Lost.  It was oddly satisfying to read about characters being Dommed by a sadist as I waited in line at the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles.  Perhaps it wasn't so odd after all, as the bureaucratic process there at the DMV is as sadistic as anyone might want.  The people there are actually pretty nice -- go figure.  It was only a half hour wait, which is really good.

Mom and I headed out to the county library and the grocery store right after she got home.  I wasn't feeling ambitious about leaving the car, because it was raining pretty hard by then, but my books were due and I really wanted to stock up on food.  I listened to my iPod most of the way through the grocery store.  When Mom stopped at the line for the pharmacy there, I put on "Stairway to Heaven" and went off to do my own shopping.

Soap operas: Today's episode of Alles Was Zahlt was good, though the EKP ladies did a scary description.  Roman is still dreading his thirtieth birthday.  (Off on a tangent: I passed thirty a long time ago.  I only wish I hadn't lost so much hair in front, as I look rather bald there.  I think I'll continue to keep it red, as that hides the grey.  I need to lose a lot of weight, but that's been the case on and off since my early teens.)

*spoilers* This episode concentrated on Marian's lovesickness.  I enjoyed Marian's daydream about throwing the basketball into Axel's face, without realizing it was a cracky fantasy.  Deniz continues to be spookily mature.  He's grown up so much since he came onto the show.  At least Marian still has good friends around him, and a loving son.  If the show is bringing back teenager plot (*shudders at the thought of more Zoe*) they should bring on Deniz's younger brother, who was mentioned once.  I bet he got a lot of teasing in school for having a brother who has been gay on and off, and always gets in the newspaper about it when he is gay.  Think of the warm Bruder jokes he must have gotten.  It would be good plot if he was bitter with Deniz.

Verbotene Liebe: The show had a minute of Christian, and a second of Olli, though I may have fast-forwarded through a little of Olli's moment.  I've been fast-forwarding through as much of the von Lahnstein plotting as I can.  Apparently there are good von Lahnsteins and evil von Lahnsteins, but I have no idea what their schemes are, and don't especially care.  Tristan is totally spooky evil in a "bad touch" kind of way.  Others seem to be mean both in a corporate business setting and in private life.  Constantin is supposed to come back in June, and he's a good von Lahnstein.  He was sweet and romantic with Judith, and friendly with Christian and Olli.

The Brandners I've seen seem to be all right.  Of course, there are fifteen years of plot that came before, and I'm not really capable enough with language skills to follow the current plots, except the ones I see with the subtitles.  I like David, and Arno seems nice enough, from the one word in ten I pick up of what he's saying.

I didn't really want to be involved with trying to follow other plots, and I'm still avoiding most as much as I can, but some of the characters have a lot of crossover plot.  I suppose all the closeness is to be expected when the show started out with an incest plot between the two main characters (twins separated at birth) and has had a few incest plots since.  Tristan is all about trying to get much, much closer to his twin sister Helena, which is part of why I said previously that he's a "bad touch" type.  Apparently the other incest plots were more innocent.  I suppose it seemed mild to the powers that be on Verbotene Liebe to have unrelated gay, lesbian and bisexual characters in relationships after the whole show started with incest, and has continued along that way from time to time.

Alles Was Zahlt has had innocent incest plot with Ben and Vanessa, and not-so-innocent incest plot with Max and Jenny.  I guess the Steinkamps/von Altenburgs are the family for that.  Apparently Axel had sex with Simone at some point (*shudders*) and this was his second, and successful, try at marrying Jenny.  That seems a little icky, but no more icky than what you'd expect from those characters.  I thought that I was getting icked out by any heterosexual sex scene on the show, but Max and poor, deluded Lena are hot together.  Jenny had good chemistry with Lars -- and with Max.  I didn't see much of Lena with Mike, or Mike seeing other people.  I'm sure EKP was glad to cut out those scenes.  I haven't seen Celine with anyone but Richard Steinkamp -- I'm also sure EKP was happy to cut the scenes of her and Max.  I was surprised that Max even knew Zoe, let alone would talk to her, but then I realized he'd been her stepfather.  I'm not sure if Max is more angry with Richard because Celine is Max's ex-wife, or because Richard is his cheating stepfather.  I think it's nearly a tie.  Marian and Nadja (both Nadjas) had good chemistry together.  I want Nadja back.  Surely they could bring back one of them.

I still think that no other couples on AWZ have the sizzling chemistry Roman and Deniz have, and from what I've seen of Verbotene Liebe, the same goes for Christian and Olli as compared to the other couples on there.  I wonder if the powers that be on the shows find that ironic in any way, or how aware of it they are. 

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