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Earth Day books

Big thanks to TeddyPig, who posted about free books available from All Romance e-Books, because I got most of them.  For the first day, I had some kind of brain freeze, and got the book from the publisher, then wondered why it wasn't free.  At least it was a good way not to forget again where you could get the free books.  They're all the first ones in a series.  I'd read the first in the Cattle Valley series, and several more in that series, so I didn't get a duplicate of that first one.  For Aubrey Ross' book, I'd been the junior line editor on the second book in that series, so I was familiar with the Crimson Dichotomies.  She's done some interesting world-building with the universe of the dichotomies, organic vampires, and assorted other supernatural creatures.  The rules for each particular type of magical being are pretty consistent, and the plots have decent arcs.

I'd heard of some of the publishers, and had never heard of others.  A few I'd heard of only as ones that took anything, or didn't really do editing.  But I figured that I couldn't lose with free books, so I'd give them a try and see if I wanted to read more in their respective series.  I'll probably get more books in the series from Samhain, as they sounded pretty good.  There were other "first in the series" books which, judging by the blurb, will likely get me to acquire more in the series.  I have a huge amount of books in my TBR files now.  If some of the free ones turn out to be "did not finish," it's not a particular loss.

I haven't been reading anything except the books I've been editing, for some time now.  I mean, I read the blogs and LJs I check on just about every day, but not e-books from other publishers.  I've still been shopping for books.  I've gotten the ones I've been waiting for as they've come out, or as I've heard that they came out.  I don't know when I'll be able to settle down and read again.  I've stayed pretty much caught up on the soap operas I really wanted to catch up on before the event, except for not wanting to see the end of Kyle and Oliver's story.  Watching a lot of One Life to Live and a couple years of clips from Verbotene Liebe, plus some clips from Gute Zeiten, Schlecte Zeiten was really time-consuming.  That's not even counting keeping up with Alles Was Zahlt.

I've been to a lot of events with the students at [local university] as the semester winds down.  Once the semester is over, I'll have a lot more free time, though I'll miss the kids.  S., my secret love child, lives locally, and a couple of the others live only fifteen to twenty minutes away, so I'll probably get together with some of the students over the summer.  H. lives something like an hour to an hour and a half away, but she'll be working in Philadelphia, so some of us will likely go visit her.  Also, she tells me she lives near a relatively big tourist attraction for that area -- the Bryn Athyn Cathedral -- so I might just meet her there.

I'll post about books again as I start reading again.  Meanwhile, it will be about the soap operas, my volunteer work, the books I edit and proof, and gardening, sometimes all in one entry. 
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