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I went to bed a little after 1:00 a.m. and woke a bit after 8:00 a.m.  I don't know why.

Mom and I made a trip to Trader Joe's in the morning.  It was a productive trip.

Mom went to the library with me when I went to tutor A.N.  Mom went off to read Booklist.  I saw a young man I see at Special Olympics dances being tutored by a young woman.  He's non-verbal, but apparently can understand more than I thought he could.  He knows YMCA-K. because she taught him when he was a child.  B.C came in to tutor someone, and I waved hi.  I remembered enough to sign, "I okay" and point to A.N. and spell out, "ESL."  Bobbi settled at another table to tutor her student.

The ESL book that M.S. had given us had a pre-test that asked whether a sentence would use the present tense or the present progressive tense.  I explained some about participles, but A.N. was not impressed.  We ran into M.S.'s assistant F., and she got M.S. to come down and look for a better book for A.N. to study from, one which would actually explain the grammar.

A.N. said that she wanted to teach students science and/or math, to keep her hand in.

I got out the laptop, but it wouldn't connect.  I logged on to a library computer and showed A.N. a Newsela article modified from a French newspaper article about how there was snow in the very southernmost part of Europe while the temperature in the Arctic rose to above freezing.  She was asking what certain words meant, and I finally went over to the globe to describe how the polar ice caps are melting.

I had explained in our introductory session that I had had trouble with math.  I asked Mom where math books would be, and she said "500s."  I debated with myself about bringing over Math for the Frightened, but instead brought over Painless Algebra.  A.N. started explaining things.  I told her when I was following and where I got lost.  She said she'd have me teach her computer use for our next session, and then she could teach me math.

I watched the barred owl cam for a while after I got home, and talked to J. for some time, catching him up on the week.

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