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catching up with Monday's soap operas

Watched the Eskimo Kiss Project clip of Alles Was Zahlt.  Katja just runs away from everything.  She's fortunate to have people who support her and give her second and third and seventh and tenth chances, but that routine of hers is getting a little tired for me.  Roman and Deniz did their best to add sparkle, but I was still cranky with Katja.

Christian Mann appeared in today's episode of Verbotene Liebe for about five seconds, and Olli wasn't in it at all, so I don't expect a separate clip.  They've been bickering with each other, but pretty much at a status quo, for a couple of days.  Olli may or may not be sleeping in Christian's bed again.  That's where Olli belongs, of course.  Christian and the characters' fans agree on that.

I'm afraid it's just going to get worse and worse with Christian and Olli.  I want for them to talk things out now, and have make-up sex.  It's some consolation that on the Saturday discussion panels of the Gays of Our Lives event, Jo Weil said that he was bored with all the happiness Christian and Olli had had, and was ready to do some drama.  So Jo and Thore are both happy playing the dramatic scenes of the couple fighting, and all the anger and jealousy and heartbreak the characters feel.  I'm glad they're enjoying the scenes they're acting, even if it upsets me and other fans.
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