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We didn't sleep much at the motel in Tampa.  Though we got up at 5:00 a.m., we ran quite late getting to the airport.  I was very focused on getting to the gate before the plane left, and didn't stay with Mom and Dad to check my luggage.  We eventually all got on the plane, though Mom lost her cardigan to a TSA agent who made her take it off.  My big green suitcase didn't make it after all.  I had insisted that only my clothes should go in that suitcase, and I had plenty of other clothes at home.

Posted in the early evening: We got home.

Added: Thank goodness, we didn't get lost on the way back from Philadelphia.

The snowdrops are in bloom, and I saw a yellow snow crocus in bud.  I haven't seen anything from the bulbs Dad and I planted in mid-December, but bulbs we planted other years have leaves showing.  Some daffodil leaves are up.  The 'Ice Follies' daffodils in the "herb" garden are in bud.  That's by the west side of the house, so it gets a good amount of direct sun and reflected sun.  I saw some tulip leaves up, and a hyacinth trying by the front porch.  It hadn't gotten enough consistent cooling, so it was the leaves, and then green-covered buds without a stalk.  Maybe it will develop a stalk over the next couple of weeks.  The flowers should still smell good, either way.

A version of 'King Alfred' has leaves coming up.  That's the version that was planted near the old lilac tree that died and where a Rose-of-Sharon has volunteered, more directly in front of the shed than the other version was.  In what was the "rose garden" many years ago, the leaves of the 'Butter and Eggs' daffodils are coming up through the snow.  Snow is a good insulation.  This version of 'Butter and Eggs' has yellow and white petals, but also some bright orange ones.

I texted T.J. to tell her I was back.  We met up in the library.  I was running late, as I was trying to catch up a bit with life back in the house.  We got through a chapter or so of her grammar book, though.  We made tentative plans to meet up tomorrow evening.

Soon after I got home from the library, my suitcase also made it home.

So: Dad lost his Nook and the mouse for his computer and all his chargers somewhere in transit to Florida.  We found the Disney ticket that was lost in transit on the floor of his car when we got to the parking lot in Philadelphia.  I kind of thought that was where that had ended up.  He thinks that the bag with the Nook, etc. got farther than that.  Mom lost her sneakers somewhere.  She thinks she may have left them at the motel in Kissimmee.  Mom tried to transport a lot of food back.  The jar of jelly broke in one of the bags, and the transport people insisted in getting the broken glass out of the bag before Dad could go farther.  I got my clothes back only a few hours after they didn't quite make it onto the plane we made.  But I really wouldn't have needed summer clothes again for some months, anyway.
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