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K's bridal shower

I think K. enjoyed it.  Many of her female relatives were there -- and she has a lot -- and friends of hers made it.  She seemed happy to see everyone.  She got some great presents.  Mom and I gave her a gift certificate for Ross (Dress for Less).  It was a tip from my brother.  She said she shops there all the time, so I hope she gets good use from it.  K. got a crockpot, various other kitchen things, lingerie, and a bag of sex shop sorts of goodies, including a crop which looked more decorative than anything, with pompom sorts of tassels at the ends.

I'm sure she'll have fun with everything.  I would have gotten her a more personal sort of gift if I'd remembered the bridal shower was that Sunday.  I don't know her very well except from what J. vents about her to me.  Once I get to know someone, I love it when I see something they would like, and I pick it up for them if I have the money.  I'd certainly like to get to know K. without Mom and Dad around.  She seems more conventional than I would have thought.  J. has the social skills to blend in with conventional types very well, but he's used to the unconventional as well.  K. is apparently bright enough to keep his interest intellectually, and she must be articulate about her emotions with him.  J. loves discussing feelings and emotions for hours at a time.  He'll make a good social worker.

I was cranky because I hadn't slept Saturday night, and a bit because the whole weekend was a surprise for me, but I didn't show it.  I did pretty well about smiling at people.  It wasn't hard to smile at K.'s happiness.
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