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unexpected travel

 Had made plans with P. to do some shopping with her, but Mom said at noon, "We're leaving for Baltimore at two."


"Didn't I tell you we were going to Baltimore this Saturday?"

"No.  I would have remembered that," I said.

"I thought I had told you.  The bridal shower is this Sunday."

"Oh.  I guess I'll call P. back and pack."

Off we went, closer to five than two.  Fortunately, the dinner reservations were for seven, and J. and K. weren't moving any faster than we were.  Mom and Dad checked into a hotel, we made it to dinner, then came to J. and K.'s apartment.  I showed K. my Gays of Our Lives event pictures, and Mom brought along her wedding album to show K.  Mom said K. had asked to see it.  I guess it's some kind of bride-to-be thing, or at least it was for K.  I know little to nothing about bride customs.  I'm just going to go places when they tell me I should go, and read poetry at the ceremony.  I think they're writing the poems themselves.  It's meaningful to them, so I'll read them the best I can.

Mom and Dad stayed until eleven-something.  J. had found a hockey playoff game on TV.  "Doesn't it look great in HD?" he asked.  He's got this gigantic TV, like 3' by 2' or something, so the hockey players were nearly life-sized.  After J. and Dad finished playing on the computer, I got it, and found that the subtitled clips for Thursday and Friday's episodes of Verbotene Liebe had been posted that afternoon or evening.  K. had gone off to get changed for bed, so I figured it wasn't totally inhospitable to watch the clip at that point.  J. recognized a word here or there.  When K. came back, I showed her some of the gallery scene, and she recognized Jo and Thore from all of those pictures of A.'s that I'd printed out, and the photos G. mailed to me.

As I thought, Nico did say something about her ex-boyfriend turning gay.  She seems all right at this point, though I don't know the history of the character, or her history with Christian.  Olli and Christian were sniping at each other for much of the episode.  They really need to try talking again.  I hope they patch things up again for a while, at least enough to show some affection with each other before the next time Rob shows up.  I still don't know why Olli wouldn't listen to Christian about Rob.  Olli has been with Christian for two years, and he knows Christian is honest and loyal to him.  The show really seems to be dumbing Olli down for this plot.  I remain convinced that Christian will still watch out for and protect his boyfriend as best he can. 
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