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will post about sort-of real life later

I'll be heading out soon to help with drag show preparations, and to watch the show itself.  I'm wearing my "Eskimo Kiss: We Do Believe in Fairies" T-shirt.  I'll be able to explain to some of the kids that Dennis, who plays Roman, designed it, and they'll get it.  I'm wearing my rainbow-striped earrings, too, and more of them will understand that.  I'll post much more about the show either after midnight tonight or sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I watched Verbotene Liebe and Alles Was Zahlt in the original German.  I'll start with VL, as I watched that first.  Nico von Lahnstein is back in town.  Christian got to explain to his ex-girlfriend that he and Olli are a couple, and she said something including the word "schwul."  She seemed pretty okay with Olli.  I'll know more when I see subtitles.

AWZ: *spoilers* (Edited: I missed the part where Deniz remembered that Roman's thirtieth birthday is coming up.  I think Roman would rather that everyone forgot it.)  Katja was getting ready for her skating qualifications.  Friends and family were there to cheer her on, and then she saw Ben in the stands with his new love interest.  She's going to run off the ice and barricade herself in the locker room, I'll bet anything.  Roman and Deniz were happy and together this episode, and that's what I care about.  I love how they're so woven in with the rest of the characters, so integrated.
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