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I went to bed around midnight.  I got up around 7:30 a.m. or so.  I didn't go back to sleep.

Mom and Dad and I went to [semi-local town].  I dropped Dad off at Harbor Freight first, because he was being a nudge about walking across the road and through the shopping center to the store.  Then Mom and I went to the AAA building.  After Mom needed to have her car battery jumped a few weeks ago, she decided that getting an AAA membership for this year would be a good idea.  We went to Wawa next, then to the grocery store near Harbor Freight.  Dad called as I was parking to let us know that he was there waiting.  The phone didn't ring, but he left a voicemail.  The voicemail alert beep let me know he'd called.  I called him back when Mom and I got into the store.  The first time, it didn't ring for him, but I got through on the second try.  I've been having that a lot with the phone in the last couple of months.  A. says it's not the fault of the phone, but the fault of the carrier.  AT&T's fault, in other words.

It was a productive trip to the grocery store.  We went to the library briefly next, and then to our usual grocery store for me to get a couple of quick things done.

After lunch, I went back out again to get a TB test, as all the home health aide agencies want that.  I thought it would be a skin test with the four tines, but it was a blood draw.  I don't do well with those, but the phlebotomist got it the first time, and gave me a drink of juice afterwards.

Miss F. called while I was waiting.

I went back home and recovered a bit.  After I felt better, I wanted to go out again for more shopping and errands, but Mom was tired.  I called Miss F. back.  I'll probably go out and pick up dinner.  The Friday Night Friends are going to a pinball gallery, and that's too noisy for me.  Also it's really freaking cold out today.  I wore several layers.

I got a few books this morning.  I may just read quietly after dinner.


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