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some sparkliness today

Conked out at 1:00 a.m. last night, which is super early for me.  Woke up around 9-something, and got an editing assignment done by 10:30.  I had just wanted to check over it one more time.  A character's name was spelled a couple different ways, but I think I caught all the times that happened.  I was glad to get it done and turned in.

I watched some early episodes of Christian and Olli's story on Verbotene Liebe.  This time I'm skipping through all the agonizing Judith does about whether she loves Fabian (What the hell is the attraction?  He's this inarticulate lump.), Constantin (I think he's a von Lahnstein, he's very bright and sweet, and looks great with long hair), and later David Brandner (David is cute, and fairly bright himself.)  I don't understand why they all fall in love with Judith, anyway.  She seems nice enough, and a hard worker, but all the "do I love this one or that one" got tiresome quickly.  I would have just picked Constantin and been done with it, especially if I'd seen him with the long hair.  It looks much better on him than the close-cropped hair look he had when he was pursuing Judith.

I got to my appointment on time, then headed to the GLBT office at [local university], where I was supposed to meet up with H.  The office was standing room only, as the kids got all the props ready for tomorrow's drag show.  It's their big event of the semester.  It's a Las Vegas theme, so there were giant dice, houses of cards, balloons and tanks of helium, bags of confetti, and assorted other things you need to make for a glitzy atmosphere.  I think it all starts at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow.  I asked D.S., the president, if he'd like me to come earlier and help.  "I won't be dressing up or anything," I said.  He said I could come at 6:00, and there would be plenty to do.

I called H., who had forgotten we were supposed to get together.  She showed up a few minutes later.  She said she'd been having some health problems, and today the doctor had told her she had a high fasting blood sugar.  Some of the students had cleared out, leaving a couple of spaces to sit.  H. and I touched base about doing the alumni interview transcripts, but she'd forgotten the recorder, anyway.  She said she wanted to head back to her apartment to rehearse for the drag show.  I would have given her a ride, but S. was due for his office hours in a few minutes, and I wanted to say "Hi" to him.

D.S and J.S. got ready to head back to their place.  "Half the sparkle is leaving the office!" I cried.

"What?" J.S. asked.  Apparently he doesn't think of himself as that sparkly -- oh, but he is.  I guess he didn't know that I refer to D.S. and him as some of the particularly sparkly members of the group.  I've done it on here so many times, I thought he'd heard it in person before.

J. was left to sparkle on his own, and he did a brave job of it.  He showed me a phone camera picture of the makeup he'd be wearing -- Egyptian-style eyeliner -- and talked about how his outfit was designed around his silver platform boots.  "And your nails?" I asked.

"Metallic silver, of course."

"I found a silver, but it's more designed for drawing designs on your nails.  It's got a very narrow brush.  It's a good silver, though."

"I think the one I got is Sally Hansen.  It makes a tight metallic coat."

"I'll have to keep an eye out for it," I said.

"The whole look will be glam rock, like T-Rex," he told me.

"Marc Bolan?"

"But more intense."  I'll really have to get pictures of him all glammed up.  Some of the kids make an intense effort for the show.  D.M. has won two years in a row.  I'm eager to see if he can make it three.  I think D.S. was second last year.  He's got too strong a jawline to really pass as a woman, in addition to being over six and a half feet tall in heels, but he and J.S. looked hot last year.

I called S. about ten minutes after four.  The other students in the office told me that he was involved with hosting (?) a high school Gay-Straight Alliance visit.  "I think there were fifty high schoolers," V. said.  He called me back at ten to five, but I was heading out to give J. and V. a ride back to V.'s apartment, which was a relatively close drive, but would be a bit of a walk.  They were going to head out in V.'s car to do last-minute shopping, including visits to Party City and other stores on the strip malls in [local shopping area].

I watched AWZ when I got home.  A fair amount of sparkle there, as Roman did the trainer thing, with a little pause to appreciate the distraction that is shirtless Ben.  It must be nice to have a trainer who understands why you have to comfort your sister, and who also understands why you'd be staring at a hot man.  It was the grand opening of the new and improved fry stand, too.  Ingo's curry and chile Hell Sauce claimed its share of choking and gasping people who tried it.  Annette's plan to keep Katja from hearing about Ben's hook-up seems like it will only go so far.  It's disconcerting that Ben's new interest is played by the same actress who played a large part in a Steinkamp/von Altenburg scheme mere months ago.  She's supposed to be all new now, I think.

Talked to S. around nine.  He'd had a sudden burst of compassion, and was going to walk one of the girls who works uptown back down to campus.  She's very skittish and nervous, and has various issues.  I don't really talk to her directly very much, because she'd immediately latch on and cling.  I have enough of my own issues that I don't need to be drained by her issues.  S. doesn't drain me emotionally at all.  Perhaps it's that he's so matter-of-fact, and well aware intellectually of what he should do.  He's been discussing with professionals about how it's good to believe it when he gets bad signals and mental red flags about people.  That can only help.

I watched Tuesday and Wednesday's episodes of Verbotene Liebe.  On Tuesday, Olli was mostly in the background for the scenes of Andi's trial, though he did testify.  On Wednesday, he and Christian were celebrating with Andi.  Andi and Helena claimed the blue couch for a good while, so I can only think that Olli wasn't wanting to sleep there at the time.  I mostly let the scenes that didn't involve Olli or Olli and Christian flow over me.  I recognized some of the people, like David Brandner and Charlie Schneider.  I found a Darsteller-something page on the Verbotene Liebe website that has a picture of the actor, his or her name, and the character's name, and that's convenient for me.  I read somewhere that the von Lahnsteins are the aristocratic family and the Brandners are the middle-class family.  Christian and Olli mostly associated with other working-class people, though they had some relatives who were fairly well-off, and saw some of the aristocrats because they were working in service industries.  Now Christian works directly for the aristocratic family, and Olli is trying to make No Limits a high-class party place.  Olli developed very good social skills and manners during his years working on the cruise ships.  It's probably for the best that Christian is around the horses much more than he's around the aristocrats.  It looks like I'll be watching the full episodes of this show as well, although given that I get it from the website I can choose the times I watch it.  I didn't want to do that, but I don't want to miss seeing the guys.

(Edited to add: Nanna did the subtitles and put the clips of those episodes up Friday night.  It was pretty much what I expected the characters would say and what happened, except that Christian and Olli did a little muted sniping at each other, which I missed.  I guess I'll just have to be patient about getting subtitles for the Christian and Olli scenes.  I appreciate getting them.)  
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