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sunnier today

Ventured out for a bit to look around the yard.  The white lily-of-the-valley in the white rectangular pot by the herb garden is nearly ready to bloom.  I think some of the buds will be open in a day or two.  There's still some bloom on the winter honeysuckle.  The quince is still blooming, and there's plenty of apple blossom yet.  The 'Cheerfulness' daffodils are blooming down by the mailbox, surrounded by grape hyacinth.  It's a nice combination.  Most of the roses have leafed out.  I thought 'Mr. Lincoln' was dead, but it suddenly has leaf buds.  That was a pleasant surprise.  I think I'll leave it where it is, between the lilacs.  It would clash if it flowered at the same time the lilacs do, but it doesn't.  'Roseraie de l'Hay' is fully leafed out, and looks gorgeous.  'Mme. Legras de St. Germain' is fully leafed out, and looking much better than last year.  I pruned the dead canes off the Red Rose of Lancaster.  It's pretty well spread out.  There was a tiger lily growing between two patches of the rose.  I have a lot of tiger lilies in pots, some big enough to bloom, and some just tiny.  It looks like Dad mowed a few that were in the front yard, but I'll put some fencing around them, and maybe they'll come back.

I've got a few different patches of lemon balm, including some in a pot.  I like having it.  The spearmint by the back door looks really good.  The emerald-and-gold mint is filling its pot.  Most of the hardy perennial herbs seem good.  Some argue that bee balm is more of a weed.  I planted it deliberately, and prefer to refer to it as a native plant.  The leaves smell really good (it's another member of the mint family) and I kind of like the spiky red flowers.  They're very different-looking.  I planted it because hummingbirds are supposed to be attracted by the flowers.  I need to plant the little rosemary I have inside.  So far, I've managed to water it often enough that I haven't killed it off, but it's getting a little leggy.  The bleeding heart is blooming, and the sweet woodruff in the front of the house is starting to bloom.  It's supposed to bloom in May, but it's early.

Soap operas: I watched Alles Was Zahlt on the RTL website.  Roman and Deniz seemed ready to reclaim the red couch when Roman told Deniz that he was planning to have breakfast with his ex-boyfriend Marc -- at least, I think that's what Roman said.  Edited to add: First, Deniz asked Roman what was wrong, then Roman told him.  Roman had quite a long talk with Marc.  Marc knew that Roman had outed himself a couple of years previously.  Marc was rather passive-aggressive about Roman finally outing himself, after he wouldn't do it for Marc.  Deniz was rather jealous, meanwhile, but tried hard to be mature about it.  Afterwards, Roman met up with Deniz in the locker room, and things looked promising there.  I'm not liking Marc at all, but I like that Roman told Deniz that he was a thousand times better-looking than Marc. 

Verbotene Liebe: Haven't seen today's episode yet, but I'm still anxiously awaiting a real talk between Christian and Olli.  I'm hoping they patch things back up, at least for a while.

I finished watching the subtitled Tom and Ulli episodes posted on the channel I found.  The video quality was much better than I've seen for any other channels with old episodes.  There were thirty-seven clips of that story, and it made far more sense when watched in order.  *spoilers*  The clips started with Tom realizing he was in love with Ulli, and continued with Ulli realizing he was in love with Tom and going through a period of confusion and denial.  Things progressed from there, as they do.  Their first love scene was quite hot, and really pretty explicit, especially considering it was filmed in 1999.  Apparently there was a notable amount of backlash to it, though, from what I've read.  The relationship continued along a rather bumpy road, although once Ulli stopped denying in public that Tom was his significant other, things progressed much better on that front.  Ulli had issues with people assuming he was gay because he was in love with a man.  That's what happens when straight characters are turned gay.

Christian actually dealt with it better once he admitted he was in love with Olli.  Then again, Christian was a few years older, or at least looked a few years older, than the twinky young Ulli.  Those old episodes had some glimpses of the twinky young Olli, too.  Jo's acting has gotten considerably better, but the young Olli was just adorable.  Not that maturity has made Jo any less handsome, but that mop of dark hair falling into those wide eyes was so cute, and he looked like his body was still filling out.  Total twink.  Ulli looked years older when he came back to town, much more adult.  Olli was years older when he came back to town, and had lost a lot of the twinky look.  Christian was still relatively young when he and Olli got together, but there was no doubt that Christian was a grown man.  Olli looks more like Jo's real age now, especially with the stubble.  He's past his twenties, and thus is old enough for Lisabea to safely lust over, if she didn't already have a husband and several fictional boyfriends, and her gay boyfriend.  No, I am not trying to get Lisabea to cheat in her heart on her gay boyfriend.  I just think that most people interested in men would agree that Jo and Thore are fine-looking.
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