neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Saturday so far

I went to bed a little after midhinght and got up for the day around 10:00 a.m.

Mom and I went out and about, including to get gasoline and pick up a couple of things from the store where J.-PA works.  It was super-crowded, and the parking lot was crazy, as I knew it would be on a Saturday.

Most times we take the car that was Mom's old car, and that I am paying her installments for.  Her new car wouldn't start, so we called AAA.  They charged the battery, and said Mom should keep the car running for about 45 minutes.  We went to Delaware.  I had been calling and texting people, and J. called back just as we got near the Delaware border, so I missed telling Mom that she needed to turn at the first traffic light in Delaware.  She ended up going in and out of some very confusing entrances and exits to the shopping center that has its other side on Naaman's Road.  I had gotten lost in that shopping center a number of times, and obviously always made it out, so I wasn't panicked.  We got out and got gasoline for Mom's car, then went to Trader Joe's.  That parking lot was very crazy, and it was super-busy in the store.  We got what we'd come for and got out.  We were most of the way home before full dark.  We were glad to get home.

I caught up on some of my e-mail, and chatted with Mom.  We both went to bed relatively early.

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