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bookstore Tuesday

It was raining today, and I was slow to get moving.  I put in a good couple of hours of sorting books once I got to the bookstore.  I hadn't been there Thursday, so there was a lot to do.  There were four grocery-store-sized bags of mostly romance waiting for me in the back, and someone had gotten rid of one of the boxes which held contemporary romances.  The box was somewhat crushed at the top, but it was labeled.  I ended up putting the contents of a box filled with duplicate books into bags, and taking that box.  It's easier to carry the bags anyway -- the boxes are rather heavy to maneuver when they're filled.

While I was sorting the bags of romance books, I kept reminding myself that I'd rather sort them myself than re-sort them after someone else sorts them.  That helped.  There were enough gaps out in historical romance that I was able to fit the donated historical romances into an already existing historical romance box rather than starting a new one.  The new box for contemporary romance ended up getting filled with Janet Dailey books, as I pulled some from the box we'd had, and we'd gotten a number of donations of her books.  We got donations of a large number of Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle/Stephanie James/Amanda Quick books.  I'll have to write down which ones I already have, because I have quite a few, and don't want to bring home duplicates, but I'll probably end up getting some of those.

Soap operas: Alles Was Zahlt: *spoilers if you haven't seen it yet*  Roman's reaction to seeing Marc, his "first great love," was to crouch down by the barstools and hope to not be seen.  Of course, he hoped in vain.  I'm not looking forward to the angst.  It's interesting to hear Roman's history, though.

I'll post on Verbotene Liebe when I see today's episode.  I'm anxious to see what happens.  Added: Well, it's not up yet.  I read the comments about yesterday's video -- there were nearly four hundred at that point.  I can't believe some of the fans want Olli to be paired with Rob.  What part of "slimy, ruthless drug-dealer" do they not understand?  I was so happy when Olli said he couldn't imagine being with anybody else but Christian, that Christian was the love of his life.  That's more like the kind of communicating Olli and Christian should be doing, and that I hope they will do again once Olli cools off.

If the show is going to have Christian kissing women, why didn't they just have him start identifying as bisexual when he fell in love with Olli?  Instead, Christian didn't take all that long, considering, to start self-identifying as gay.  Olli has identified as bisexual all along, from his relationship with Tom to his relationship with Christian.  Why would he forget his own belief that there's a lot more to sexuality than black and white?  Why would he forget that he cheated on Tom with a woman?  His loss of recollection on those two things is major continuity fail on the part of the show's writers.  I don't know how Olli could think that Christian was going back to liking women better, considering the love scene Olli and Christian had on March 26th.  The passion hasn't died at all.

Further added: I watched the show for April 14th on the original website.  I fast-forwarded through the parts that didn't have Olli or Christian.  From what I gathered, it was Andi's trial, and it looks like he won it, considering the celebrating that was going on later.  Olli was there for the trial, and Christian and Olli were both there for the celebrations.  It didn't seem like they talked about anything of their own problems, which may be why Nanna didn't post it.  At least I've kind of figured out how I can get to the original show.

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