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Got out to take a look at the flowers and assorted other garden plants, which are much the same as they were yesterday, except that the weeds are bigger.  I did see a few little hosta leaves coming up between the clumps of snowdrop leaves.  It's Hosta albomarginata, which is an old kind, with white-edged green leaves.  It must be pretty hardy, which is good to know.  I'll talk to J.S. again about finding people to do gardening work.  If he wants to do it, I'd pay him in plants and cash.  He's slim, but he's over six feet tall.  If he doesn't have hayfever or anything, he should be able to do a good bit of work with the trees and really big shrubs.

Tried to catch up on the Kyle and Oliver scenes on the Gay Romance channel, but I'm really depressed at the knowledge that the story is so quickly coming to an end.  I still couldn't watch the late March and early April scenes.  Hopefully, Anthony Langford will keep them up on the channel for a while after it's over.  I'm trying to steel myself to see the end.  The actors didn't even know those scenes together would be their last.  It was very upsetting to me to hear that their story was ending, when I'd only gotten into it a couple of months ago, and it was so progressive for American television.

I cheered myself up watching deepdarkmidnight's channel.  I'm glad I got into watching Christian and Olli's story.  I figured it was only polite to catch up on as many shows as I could before the Gays of Our Lives event, but I ended up being really happy Kris got me started with Verbotene Liebe.  I was intimidated by the two years of show to catch up on, but I very much enjoyed watching it, especially the early part of the romance, as Christian gets into boxing and goes to sports school.

I watched the old Tom and Olli videos this weekend, too, this time the ones with the transcripts.  A couple of the related videos that popped up were about Stella and Carla's romance, and the Stella/Carla/Charlie (yes, Charlie's a woman) love triangle.  Most weren't subtitled, but I ran across one or two that were.  I could easily enough get into that romance, too.  Stella and Carla are pretty hot together.  Charlie toying with the idea of having a romance with a woman was a little hard for me to watch.  She was too set in her heterosexual ways to really get serious about it.  Women who identify as straight fall in love with other women all the time.  Many do manage to adjust their views, and a lot come to identify as lesbians.  This particular love was far more on Stella's side, although in some ways Charlie was really pretty flattered about it.  It was very well-acted.
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