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Saw the reuploaded Eskimo Kiss Project clips of Alles Was Zahlt from Friday.  I hadn't seen the original upload, just the whole episode on the RTL website.  As I thought, Katja told Roman that Max had threatened her.  What I didn't catch from the conversation in German was that she said not to tell Richard Steinkamp about the threats.  It's soap opera logic.  I got the gist of the Marian/Jenny/Axel conversations.  I was glad to get the translations of what Deniz said.

I keep going back to RiseOfTheAnts' clip of one of the Saturday discussion sessions of the Gays of Our Lives event, in which the subject somehow got to dancing.  Thore took the microphone to say, apparently from bitter experience, that dancing with a man was much harder than kissing one.  The sound wasn't good in the clip, but I'm pretty sure Thore said, "You really get problems with your feet."  Jo was sitting right next to him, too.  I hope he didn't feel blamed.  Dennis G. completely lost it -- just could not stop cracking up.  I suppose he'd had his own experiences in that regard.

Christian and Olli have danced together a few times.  It looked graceful enough.  Neither Jo nor Thore have small feet, but they're good-sized men.  Perhaps it's more figuring out who will lead.  One of the things I like with Christian and Olli's scenes is that they don't need to think of each other as physically fragile, that they're both strong.  They've had their share of health problems, but they don't treat each other as particularly breakable.  Apparently that's rather misleading when it comes to dancing.

In general, though, it seems like a big difference in the dynamic between Christian and Olli and between Deniz and Roman.  Deniz is supposed to be as physically strong as someone of his size and fitness level would be.  Like Christian and Olli, Deniz picks people up easily enough.  One of the running jokes with Roman is that he was supposed to be physically weak.  I didn't think that was funny or accurate.  Roman would be very fit for a man his size, and figure skating takes a lot of strength.  Roman doesn't think of himself as needing to be treated as fragile when he and Deniz make love.  That's quite clear from his fantasy in episode 741, in which Deniz lifts Roman up against the lockers, and a number of their other scenes.

I've said before that I love it when Deniz is protective of Roman, and I do.  I like the dynamic with Christian and Olli, too, where they protect each other.  Olli's not weak, and he generally fends for himself pretty well.  He's too nice, but that's another story.  Roman and Deniz have strengths in very different areas.  Roman can win against just about anybody in a battle of wits, which is not the case with any of the three other characters.  Not that they're dumb, they're just not meant to be quite that quick.  Olli has come up with some really good lines in his time -- I'll give him that.  His "Yes, this really is what it looks like" to Gregor cracked me up.

All of the characters are supposed to be graceful, although apparently a good deal of that is good acting, choreography, hard work, and pain.  It seems to have been much more pain than the audience sees.  At some point at the event, I saw Igor explaining to someone about his ice-skating scars, the one under his chin from a fall, the scar on his stomach from the hernia he got when he fell and Dennis fell on top of him, and one on his leg, which I didn't really hear the explanation for.  I just knew what the reporting was on the other two scars.  I don't remember hearing about the skating giving him a scar on his calf.  It clearly happened.

As funny as the dancing discussion was, it's certainly not true that it's that rough on everybody.  Some of the students at [local university] have no difficulties at all dancing with other men.  D.S. and J.S. are both very graceful, and so is J.  S. tells me he likes to dance.  He also tells me he has skin-tight clubbing clothes, which I understood about.  Of course I haven't seen them, because he's not going to wear them to class and around campus.  I imagine M. is a decent dancer.  He moves easily enough.  D.M. can dance.  If next year's event is somewhere I can afford to go, I should bring a posse of the students with me.  I just need to get them caught up on the shows over the summer.  S. already said he wants to go, and he'll be twenty-one in November.  Look out, Gays of Our Lives, you're about to meet my secret love child.  He's ready. 
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