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brief conversation with S

Before we found K.C. for the GLBT organization history project, I was telling H. that S. was my secret love child.  That gave her a good chuckle.  A few minutes later, we spotted S.  He's not hard to see.  He's 6'3" or 6'4".  I said, "We were just talking about you."


"Yes, that you're my secret love child."

He nodded.  We chatted a bit.  He said he had a guy he was thinking of getting into a relationship with.  "He was having trouble driving because he was busy trying to light a bowl.  Is that a signal to me?"

H. and I immediately said, "That's a signal."  I don't know where he finds them.  The ones I've heard about have been a drug dealer now in jail, the recent one who threatened people with a crowbar, and now this potential love interest.  S. was raised Quaker.  He says he's never had the desire to hit anybody.  Nevertheless, he seems to be drawn to the law-breaking type.

H. and I both said that we couldn't be hypocritical about dating stoners.  J5 was quite the stoner, but at least he never tried to smoke a bowl while he was driving -- that I knew about, anyway.  He was more one for joints and bongs anyway, and smoked regular cigarettes when he was driving.  Regardless, I need to talk to S. again about "good interesting" versus "bad interesting."  He thinks that young men who are just concerned with doing well in class and studying are boring.  I don't think my secret love child could ever be boring.  An intellectual Quaker boy who goes for rough trade -- I find it fascinating to try to figure out where his mind is with that.  "Maybe it's an 'opposites attract' kind of thing," he said.

I think I said something like, "You can have guys who are a little rough around the edges but still have sense."  Perhaps I should have said, "...but aren't criminals."  I should tell him that maybe the preppy guys have hidden depths, but I don't think I could say it convincingly.
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