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colder today

It rained last night, and the temperature dropped dramatically.  It took forever for my hair to dry.  I ventured out to get the mail and to admire the Judd viburnum, which you can smell from several feet away.  Fortunately, it's a nice smell.  The first miniature rose blossom has opened fully.  It started from a decidedly orange bud, and is now a pale orange/reddish-gold shade.  The second bloom is about three-quarters open now, and the same color.  I think it's two different plants, so I should have two with that color flowers.

Soap operas: Have only seen AWZ in the original.  Roman seemed to be reassuring Katja, as Max keeps threatening her.  Ben's taken over Richard's share of the Steinkamp empire until Richard is better, or that was the gist I got from that part.  Celine is sullen, but who cares?  When I watched the previous episodes this week, it really did seem to be turning into the Zoe and Celine show, and I was profoundly grateful that EKP cut all those scenes.  Roman didn't talk much during the ice skating scenes, but he and Katja sparkle.

Verbotene Liebe: Well, there were ups and downs again.  The good part is that the guys ended up being honest with each other, and that Olli was working hard to draw boundaries with Rob.  We'll see how Olli reacts to Christian's confession, but at least it's all out there.  Olli totally lit up with joy when he realized that Christian was forgiving him.  I'm curious to know how quickly Olli forgives Christian.  I'm going to pretend they'll be back in a happy place again soon, and see how it plays out. 
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