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travel day today

P. called around eleven.  She hadn't had a good night, with a toothache that kept her up, but still wanted to go visit her mother.  I hadn't slept too badly, so I got up and about relatively well.  I dropped off cupcakes to the kids -- K. was in the office, so I told her they were cupcakes from me.  I'd gotten chocolate with white icing, and yellow with pink and yellow icing.  Like I said, I'm sure they won't go to waste.

I picked up P., and we headed to Wilmington.  It was pretty decent weather for driving, if fairly hot for early April.  Her directions were good.  P.'s mother had gotten her voice back.  We took her to Deals, which is kind of like a dollar store except that prices go up to eight dollars or so.  We all found some things.  I was thinking of going to the park, which is near where P.'s mother lives.  The Brandywine Zoo is there, too.  It's a very cute little zoo, too, with llamas and otters, and possibly a mountain lion.  I could watch the otters all day.  It was getting a little late, though, and P. wanted to stop by and see her brother.  Maybe I'll make it to the zoo next time.  P. gave her mother a birthday card, as her mother's birthday is Saturday.

P. was good on the directions to Chester, too.  We had a nice visit with C., whose birthday is tomorrow.  P. gave him a card, too.  I was a little distracted by a "Cops" sort of show called "Speeders."  Apparently it's a reality-police sort of thing with a narrow focus.  One of the police was in Calvert County, MD, which I'm vaguely familiar with, and another in Tom's River, NJ.  The speeder in Tom's River was from Brick, NJ, which I'm very familiar with.  Nana A. lived there for thirty years or so.  The motorcyclist from Brick was saying he was trying to get away from someone at a Wawa (convenience store) who he was having trouble with.  He'd gone a hundred miles an hour in a thirty-five mile an hour zone to try to evade the policeman, so I don't think his argument got him too far.  I'm more familiar with Cecil and Harford and Baltimore counties in Maryland, but I know I've been in Calvert County every so often.  I'm relatively familiar with Ocean and Monmouth counties in New Jersey, for someone who doesn't live there and has no sense of direction.  Nice beaches there -- it's what's called "down the shore" by Philadelphia residents.  I like Point Pleasant Beach quite a lot.

We went to a Chinese food buffet in [local town].  P. works quite near there, but I don't think the bus stops exactly in that part of that particular shopping center, as she wasn't familiar with it.  We both stuffed ourselves.  I dropped her off and came home to watch my shows.

Alles Was Zahlt: Had a good bit of Deniz and Roman, and Jenny getting into what EKP foresees as crackiness to come.  The show can only stay serious and angstful for so long, and then it dives deeply into the cracky goodness.  As Roman said many episodes ago, "Nina, we're not in Hollywood, we're in Essen.  This isn't a movie.  It's reality -- or something like it."  Jenny plus Axel equals some seriously cracky villainy.  They have yet to show the fry stand in process of being built, just the exhausted builders.  I suppose the fry stand will have its grand opening when it's warmer out.

Verbotene Liebe: Something of a rollercoaster today, starting out on a low and going up and down some before getting up to a considerable high with hidden angst and lows to come.  At least Olli is making a real effort to communicate with Christian, and both truly want to stay together.  They realize what's at stake, and how much they love each other.  Nothing's been resolved, and they've created further complications, but Olli is very certain that Christian is his great love.  I'm still a little disturbed that Christian's sexuality can flip so quickly.  I want it to continue like it was, with Olli certain that Christian is the sexiest thing around, and vice versa.  There's no reason they shouldn't think so -- it's true, after all.

Judd viburnum is in full bloom.  With the humidity tonight, you could smell it from some distance off.  It has a softly spicy scent.  One of its parents is the Korean spice viburnum, which I think they have by the Idea Garden at Longwood Gardens.  That's what I think it was -- there wasn't a label nearby.  I'll have to clip a little of the new growth off the sweet briar to have that to enjoy for inside for a couple of days.  Will have to look around some outside tomorrow, if it isn't raining too hard. 

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