Paul Neyron rose 2


I went to bed pretty early, for me.

I still feel like I have a bit of a cold.  I may try to do an appointment virtually instead of in person today.
Paul Neyron rose 2


I went to sleep relatively early, for me.  I woke when Mom came downstairs.  I'll probably take a nap later.

I have a number of errands that I want to do today.  It feels like Dad gave me his cold, but I'll see what I can get done today.

Later: It was a kind of productive day, considering.  I had a virtual appointment in the afternoon, and made it to that.  I'd gone out in the morning and put redone labels by a number of my plants.  I was overheated when I came back in the house, but on and off after that I had chills, which is very unusual for me.  In the evening, I quietly cut flower pictures out of garden catalogs.  I'm planning to do more scrapbook/wish list sorts of pages sometime soon.
Paul Neyron rose 2


I got going earlier than I did yesterday, though it got hot out very quickly.  In the morning I went out and put recycled labels on a lot of my garden plants.  I got overheated, but it was a pretty productive trip around the yard.  The irises I planted yesterday were still all where I had put them.  I must have broken one of the stalks of the cardinal flower when I planted the Iris pallida Dalmatica by the back door.

I pulled a bunch more faded labels to repurpose.  I worked on those, and have another batch of relevant labels to put out this afternoon or sometime tomorrow.

In the evening, I pulled apart garden catalogs and cut out pictures.  It was a soothing project.
Paul Neyron rose 2


I really should go to bed very soon.  I don't have to be anywhere, thank goodness, but I'm exhausted.

Later: I don't know where the time went, but I eventually got to sleep.  I had a very slow morning.  In the afternoon I got a package of pre-1900 irises.  Some were sorts that were collected in the 1700s or earlier.  I planted them today, which is doing pretty well, for me.  For my reference, they're 'Caprice,' Iris pallida Dalmatica, Darius-Brown, Squalens, Flavescens, and Florentina.  I planted some by the west side of the house, and a couple in the front yard.  I put labels by them.
Paul Neyron rose 2


I should go to bed soon.  I don't have any appointments tomorrow, thank goodness, but I have some things I want to do.

Later: It was a fairly productive day in a couple of ways.  There were other things I wanted to get done, but there always are.  Since it was a nicer day today, I went out to do yardwork.  I watered the plants that I had moved to the front yard.  I pulled weeds out of where the spring bulbs bloomed.  There's a bare patch there now from the weed pulling.  Dad was finally able to get in there and mow, though, so in that sense it looks better.  I suggested putting sod over the bare patch.  Dad was worried about whether the leaves and flowers of the bulbs would be able to get through sod.  I said that if daffodils could push their way up through asphalt to bloom, I wasn't worried about them getting through sod.

The only things aboveground now from the flower bulbs there are the leaves of a couple of 'Erlicheer' bulbs that I planted in the spring as "Summer Cheer" bulbs.  Apparently that's a sort of narcissus that doesn't need any chilling.  From the scent of the flowers and their appearance, they're closer to the paperwhite narcissus type.  The "Summer Cheer" bulbs grew and flowered nicely.  I told Dad that I could dig them up and put them in the backyard with the other 'Erlicheer' bulbs that are near the west side of the house.  Also I told him that I had a lot more 'Erlicheer' bulbs, so it wasn't a tragedy if he got them with the weed whacker.

I had a lot of feelings when Dad ran over the 'Cardinal de Richelieu' rose with a lawnmower, because there was no coming back from that.  Knocking the foliage off true bulbs or rhizomes is something they'll generally survive.  Dad got the leaves of the tiny piece of the Iris germanica rhizome that's near the outside edge of the vegetable garden, but a new set of leaves is sprouting.  Daylilies and daffodils have both came back for me after I ran them over.  Mom ran over the flopped-over leaves of the probably-'Matinata' iris that was growing into the driveway a number of times, and the leaves grew back.  I think a couple of times she may have run over the rhizomes themselves when she was backing the car into the driveway, and I suspect they survived even that, given that they were surface-level with the asphalt there, or had ended up with the rhizomes set a little bit lower in the ground than the surface of the driveway was set.  Speaking of growing through asphalt...

After I washed up, and after lunch, Mom and I went to the church library and sorted out and shelved four more boxes of books, as well as finding useful things in the "Library - Misc." boxes.  We finally got through the Dewey Decimal 200s -- the religion section, which is the huge majority of the church library non-fiction books.  On our previous visit, we worked our way through six boxes, but we'd done less in the way of other things that day.  Today we also got through the 300s.  I was kind of ready mentally to start on the 500s to 800s boxes, but physically I'd started having back spasms, and Mom was definitely ready to be done work for the day.

Dad told me that I'd gotten the last batch of roses I'd ordered in the spring.  I told Mom I'd ordered them "a long time ago."  If one counts early May as "a long time ago," I guess it's accurate enough.  It seems to me like early May was a long time ago.  'Carefree Beauty' was back in stock at the time.  It's a Buck rose, developed to survive the cold winters of Iowa and to be generally healthy.  Texas "rose rustlers" found a rose that they gave the study name of "Katy Road Pink" surviving nicely in the heat of Texas summers without needing any special care at all.  I don't think the rose rustlers of Texas expected that it would turn out to be a rose so relatively modern.  That's quite the range of hardiness and healthiness, plus the ability to keep flowering in harsh weather conditions.  The name 'Carefree Beauty' seems apt.  I also got 'Hawkeye Belle' while I was getting Buck roses, and a fairly new rose among those that honor veterans, 'Because She Served.'  After Mom and I got home, I unwrapped and watered the roses, and put them in the herb garden for now.

My quiet indoors project after all that was to reuse the plastic labels that I had used for the spring bulbs, which Dad and I had pulled off the hillside while I was weeding.  Being out in the weather for several months had worn the writing off many of them, which saved me the step of erasing whatever traces of marker were left.  I made lots of labels for summer-flowering plants.

It was a long day.
Paul Neyron rose 2


I woke at 5:30 a.m., as I have been for an annoying number of days these past few months.

I have a virtual appointment in the afternoon.  I'll probably work in the yard and take a nap, not necessarily in that order, before then.

Later: Since it was pretty nice out, Mom and I went for a walk in a local park before lunch.  I went one circuit around the paved path, stopping partway to look at a bird guide.  I went across the bike path to try to see what I thought was a stream, but seems to be a standing body of water.  There's a lot of greenery blocking the view.  I didn't see any birds there.

I'd seen a tree swallow go by overhead, and a few robins hopping along and perching on low signs.  That park generally has a lot of tree swallows.  I could hear a lot of birds, but didn't see many.  Mom went on another circuit around the paved path.  I sat at a picnic table and looked at another pocket bird guide.  A lady started a conversation with me as to what birds could be seen in the park.  I pointed out a mockingbird that happened to be nearby, and said that sometimes one could see a great blue heron in the pond in the woods.  I told her about the bluebird houses placed around the park.  Her little granddaugher came up and I showed the two of them the picture in the book of tree swallows, and said that I'd seen robins, also.  The granddaughter is a fan of robins, apparently.

After Mom and I got home, I worked out in the yard.  I moved the pots by the front porch and the path to the driveway, and along the driveway, so Dad could mow in that area.  I had some pots in the little red wagon left over from my brother's and my childhood, and some in the wheelbarrow to move them around.  They rested on the driveway when Dad was mowing.  I also weeded around the big plants by the front porch, which involved pulling down a lot of wild grape vines.

I washed and changed to nicer clothes, and made it to my virtual appointment.  I think the people could only see my face, but I felt better knowing that I was wearing nice clothes.  After that, I had a late lunch/early dinner, talked to K.M., and then changed to another set of old clothes, and went out and did more yardwork.  Dad got a leaf bag, and I put an armful of grapevine and other weedy stuff in the leaf bag while he held it open.  I rearranged the collection of pots, and moved some herbs and pots with bulblets and bulbils that just had sprouted this spring to the back yard.  I put some of the nicer flowering plants in the front, including the potted jasmines and pinks.
Paul Neyron rose 2


I shouldn't stay up too late.  I don't have to be anywhere in the morning, but I have an appointment in the afternoon.

I had a much busier day than I expected to.  Mom and I went to Walmart in the morning.  After we got home, I worked in the yard for a while.  I mostly weeded and did light pruning, what I could do with garden scissors.  Dad told me that the air quality wasn't good, but I got a decent amount done.

I made it to my afternoon appointment, then afterward went to Trader Joe's.  Mom had wanted shortbread cookies with jam filling, and I found those for her, and other things for myself.  Both of those things were productive.
Paul Neyron rose 2


I should go to sleep soon...

I got some sleep in the morning.

After lunch, Mom and I went to the church library.  I helped her to unbox books and put them in Dewey decimal order, then shelve them.

I looked at my plants a little after we got home.  The pineapple sage that was in a pot has really bounced back now that it's planted in the ground where it will get water.  The 'Maid of Orleans' jasmine still has flowers, and the poet's jasmine is starting to bloom also.  It looks like it has dozens of buds.
Paul Neyron rose 2


I'll go to bed soon...

Later: I did go to bed "soon," but I woke early.  I thought Mom had called my name.  She hadn't.  In the morning, Dr. L., the gastroenterologist, had a look at Dad.  Afterward, Dad seemed glad to be back home and able to eat normally.  I took a nap while the parental units were out.

In the afternoon, Dad mostly rested, and Mom went as a guest with Mrs. L. to go swimming at the health club.  Mom hadn't gotten to swim at all last year.

It wasn't as hot out as it had been.  I went out and planted roses.  I wanted to plant 'Winter Sunset' out front near the Judd viburnum so Mom could see it, but that didn't happen.  I ended up planting them all in the herb garden.  'Alec's Red' ended up behind the "Two-Tone" rose.  'Double Delight' is nearer to the other roses, the pink ones, to the right side.  'Winter Sunset' is behind 'Sharifa Asma,' which is blooming again.  The 'Uchida' lilies are all lanky and droopy.  I put different pieces of hardware cloth around that side of the herb garden.  I dug a hole near the 'Sharifa Asma' rose, but that was too close, and also, I hit the side of a 'City of Haarlem' hyacinth bulb.  I ended up planting the 'Roger's Delight' scented geranium there.  It shouldn't compete with the 'Sharifa Asma' rose or the hyacinth.  I dug up mystery daylilies to make the hole for 'Winter Sunset.'  I left the 'Gold Dust,' 'Hyperion' and "lemon lily" daylily where they were.  The gold-band lily I planted near the 'Gold Dust' daylily is in bud.

I planted the "border lily" Oriental lilies at various times in June and early July.  The one I planted earliest and didn't have to transplant has a flower.  The outer edges of the petals are a soft pink, and the inner parts are white.  It's fragrant.  It's about 6" high.  Those lilies were supposed to get to be about a foot high, but I planted them late.  Another that I planted relatively early has leafed out.  The Oriental lily in the front yard, with the lemon thyme, is done blooming.  The 'Maid of Orleans' sambac jasmine is loving the hot and humid weather we've been having, and has had several flowers a day open for the last few days.

The spearmint choked out the anise hyssop in the raised bed, apparently, or I dug too much of it up when I cleared the raised bed out at the end of last year.  Oddly, an anise hyssop seedling ended up growing in the pot that the hydrangea is in.  It's flowering now, so I was sure of what it was.  I planted that in the herb garden, near the 'Quatre Saisons' rose.  I planted the pineapple sage that was in a pot in the herb garden, too, as that was getting very dried out in its pot.  The pineapple sage that I planted directly into the herb garden shortly after I got it is doing very well.

More of the double tiger lily flowers are open.  The tiger lilies and 'Uchida' lilies both had areas on their stems that looked like bits of cotton, so I sprayed them.  I guess the single tiger lilies will bloom a little later.  The probably-'Melonee' daylilies continue to bloom.  All of the mystery ones from the former rose garden that are blooming now have turned out to be 'Kwanso,' the double tawny daylily.

I saw some "Iron Cross" type of oxalis leafing out where I'd planted the "shamrock" bulbs I got with the order of lilacs and such this spring.  I need to dig that up and pot it.  I only saw it when I'd cut the apple mint back a lot.  I don't know what happened to the other bulbs I planted there, except that I guess the apple mint and weeds happened to them.  'The Fairy' rose keeps having sprays of little pink flowers, so that's cute.  The 'Cecile Brunner' rose I also planted in the raised bed is leafing out nicely.  The 'Mary Rose' I planted in the herb garden at the end of June has a couple of little buds.  The 'Rouletii' rose has new growth.

Inside, the bud on the stalk of white lilies from the bouquet I rescued yesterday opened.  I took off the pistils(?).  The lilies are fragrant, so my guess is that it's 'Casa Blanca' or something similar.  The top bud on the stalk of double tiger lilies that I cut yesterday looks like it will be opening in the next day or two.